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Girls Made of Snow and Glass Roundup Post #2: A Pile of Good Things

So any time I find out something good about my book, I'm torn between two fairly equal thought processes:

1) If you share this good thing with people, they will think you're obnoxious and braggy and self-absorbed!

2) If you don't share this good thing with people, you are SABOTAGING your book's success and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.

My brain is a fun place! 

Okay, so logically I know that neither one of these things is completely true, but as a sort of compromise, I've decided to hoard up these good things in a little pile and share them all together now. So here you go! My pile of good things:

I am so, so grateful and amazed for all the attention surrounding GMOSAG in these months before its release, and I just want to thank everyone for reading and reviewing and tweeting and Instagramming and blogging and all the other ways you share your enthusiasm. It means more to me than I can even say.