Trigger/Content Warnings for Girls Made of Snow and Glass

Since the first ARCs for Girls Made of Snow and Glass are beginning to circulate, I wanted to mention a couple of possible trigger/content warnings for the book so that readers know what they're getting into and can make informed choices. This list is incomplete, of course, because it would be impossible to list out every potential warning for every potential reader, but here are some prominent ones that I thought worth noting:

  • Parental abuse--mostly verbal/emotional abuse and some physical intimidation, but including instances of physical abuse.

  • Mentions of suicide, suicidal ideation, and self-harm.

  • Violence/assault (but no sexual violence/assault).

  • Death and grief.

I know we sometimes use the term 'fairy tale' to mean perfect or ideal or light-hearted, which is why I want to make it especially clear that Girls Made of Snow and Glass concerns itself with some of the grimmer (pun intended) themes at the core of fairy tales. But even so, my hope is that you'll find the book to be ultimately uplifting and empowering.

Stay safe and happy reading!